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  • What is Alanda's?
    We are young, optimistic and follow the principles of quality, simplicity, modernity and community with our products. When it comes to implementation, we treat our environment with care, tolerance and responsibility and welcome life. We want honest products for friends and aim to create deep relationships through sharing our Alanda's tea.
  • What quality does Alanda's deliver?
    We love nature and are very focused on sustainability. That's why we only offer loose, high-quality tea from the best growing areas in the world. For our mixtures we only use natural blossoms, natural fruits and natural spices. As far as possible we avoid artificial flavors and industrial additives, which unfortunately are too often found in other tea blends.
  • Who produces the tea?
    We have our tea made in one of the most well-known tea manufacturers in Spain, which maintain customer contacts all over the world. These include, for example, Arabia, Japan, the USA and with Alanda's also Germany.
  • Is your tea organic?
    Our organic certificate is coming soon; At the moment we only use natural ingredients and avoid artificial additives. Therefore we can say that our tea is 100% a natural product. We are very proud of that.
  • What do I get from you as a partner?
    Alanda's only offers you the most successful types of tea that have already established themselves in other European countries, but still enjoy a high level of exclusivity in Germany. In addition, there is a young, innovative design and a complete gastronomy solution, so that drinking tea becomes an experience for your guests again.
  • Which products and services do I get from you as a partner in gastronomy?
    • 12 types of high-quality, loose tea blends made from natural ingredients • Tea menus with an inviting design and an appealing description of the many different varieties • Teapots made of hardened borosilicate glass with an innovative stainless steel strainer for easy use in the catering business • Metal tea caddies for optimal storage of tea • Measuring spoon made of stainless steel for a quick preparation of the tea drink • Personal training of the staff, so that the best tea enjoyment is guaranteed • Assistance and advice, taking into account all factors relevant to the success of the gastronomy concept
  • What are the advantages of your concept?
    • We offer a wide variety of teas, making it easy to meet every customer need and inspiring the guest to order more products. • The own, appealing tea menu encourages the guest to consume the high-quality teas. • Tea drinkers (56% of Germans drink tea regularly!) feel valued by the teapots specially designed for us and stay longer in your restaurant. • 56% of people in Germany drink tea regularly – so there is definitely a tea market. With Alanda's Tee, you serve a market that has only existed with boring tea bags so far. With Alanda's Tee you offer your guests a high-quality tea alternative that is fun.
  • How can I order more products from Alanda's?
    Either by phone, via Whatsapp or online as a Trusted Member at The tea is then delivered within 3 days - of course with the same quality.
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